Saturday, November 18, 2006


ha. gotcha. i just linked you to my next blog entry... why? because i wanted to illustrate a point. not a good point... but a point nonetheless. (non. the... les? les nonthe. thats not even a word but ill bet some of you think it is. well it isnt. youre an idiot.)

i wanted to illustrate the point that even though youve now read my blog entry entitled "gotcha", myspace blog subscription shits will not say you have. why? because myspace sucks. and so do the programmers. thats probably the reason open source programs are cooler... because bored idiots like me can realize a little flaw at 3 am and then read through 9328509158 lines of code for no reason other than intrinsic motivation and only get up 4 or 5 times to eat and defacate.

so surrender some property rights for some other rights. like the right to make shit better.

so earlier i watched colbert talk about the google youtube thing and talked about copyrights. i couldnt help but wander into a world of morality concerning intellectual property rights. then i almost started talking about it, until i realized that no one likes to hear me talk except me. because i only care about myself. so fuck you.

narrow mind? yes. open mind? probably. unless im pooping, in which case id like to be alone. unless im extremely comfortable around you in which case youre probably andre and have no interest in watching me poop.

ok id like to be alone now.


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