Thursday, October 19, 2006


or perhaps god doesnt speak at all, but only exists. it seems the ancients had a habit of personifying the inert, and it makes plenty of sense to assume they personified the truth, inculding its universal language of mathematics, as our wrathful-turned-friendly old bearded fellow. religious texts seem to make more sense when reading them with that in mind.

after all, what brings greater salvation than knowledge of the truth? inversely, what will more certainly lead to our demise than the denial of our subservience to the fundamental laws of cause and effect? surely a man will die if he expects to have his food whilst denying that food must be harvested or hunted. what better way to weaken a man than to convince him that 2+2=5. what better way to vanquish a foe in battle than to convince him that he need not concern himself with training and logistics, for god surely favors his victory (ironically, were this gullible foe to venerate the true nature of god, the laws of cause and effect, he would not be so easily subjugated to the man who readily submits to these laws, and studies them).

beginning with the acknowledgement of one's self, "i think, therefore i am", we understand that there is existence. we can further deduce that given our finite existence, there is nonexistence. thus we have existence and nonexistance, 0 and 1. binary! given that there can be multiple instances of existence, we begin counting to infinity. one instance of existence is 1, while 2 is 2, 2 instances of 2 existences is 4, and 4 of 4 is 16. thus without any sensory experience whatsoever, a priori, we have math.

moreover, by the knowledge that 2+2 can not = 5, we know that there can be no contradictions in reality. things either exist, or do not exist. at the most fundamental level, reality is composed of existence and nonexistence, and each instance of existence is either reflected in reality, or not. it is either true or false. and just as 2+2 can not = both 4 and 5, no two instances of reality can contradict eachother. contradictions can not both be true. there can be no contradictions in reality. by this, we have the transitive, commutative, etc. properties. thus without any sensory experience whatsoever, a priori, we have logic.

be wary the relativists that will tell you value can exist independent of the laws of existence. be wary those that will tell you contradictions can exist in morality, as it exists outside reality. existence is reality, and vice versa. all their long speeches will come to a simple contradiction, that it is true there is no truth, or that it is true that there is no true or false, or that it is right that there is not right and wrong. i find people who corrupt or outright deny the simple beauty of truth are not those who really disagree with it so much as personally dislike it. thieves and cowards, tyrants and failures.

applying logic to values gives us the right values, just as applying math to physics gives us the right equations. consider defining life. life: that which seeks to act to sustain and promulgate itself. lets consider possible contradictions... can life do the opposite? can a man commit suicide? of course, but is a man who committed suicide alive? removing the temporal aspect, consider that any life which does not act to sustain itself inevitably dies. perhaps someone force feeds a man who has decided to starve himself. he will remain alive, but whos will animates him? his own? or the life of another? we are flesh and bones, animated. our will animates us. and our will only exists so long as it seeks to sustain and promulgate itself. what has no will, what does not seek to sustain and promulgate itself, its form and its genes, inevitably dies. what has no will, what does not seek to sustain and promulgate itself, is not alive.

value is a relative concept. it exists as an evaluation of the truth that some means will accomplish some end. if i want to eat cake, a fork becomes valuable. if i want to destroy, a nuke is valuable. if i want to communicate, my phone and my computer are valuable. given that we are alive, then what is valuable to us? well what is our ends? by definition, it is to sustain and promulgate ourselves, and so that which is valuable is that which best accomplishes this end. thus without any sensory experience whatsoever, a priori, we have value, morality, and ethics.

this is life. and what are we but beauty incarnate? reflections of the glory that these simple building blocks can create, the knowledge of all ascertainable without a single sensory experience. god did create man in his own image, as he did all life, for each of us is a testament and thus a reflection of truth and its glory. the causal relationships that make our hearts beat. we can in no wise stray from the glory without surrendering the will and animation it has given us, for we will surely perish if we deny that we exist within its constraints. it is only a matter of time.

if faith is knowing or believing something without having experienced it, then what better to have faith in than that which can be deduced logically and reasonably? surely the hypocritical faiths of fools, waiting for their bread to rain from the skies, or jesus to return and rectify their lies, is not as beautiful as a faith that adheres to the same rules that give rise to both its own and our existence.

so piss on the beards of those mullahs that will tell their children to mindlessly memorize the lines of the qoran, while foaming at the mouth at the chance to become the tyrants they denounce, praising those that willingly end the gifts that truth has given them so that they may destory the like gifts of others. shit on the robes of the priests that lead their flocks of sheep in mindless rituals of alternatately standing, then sitting, then standing again, while their molestations will allow those that would govern us to play victim to his voters (ahem, foley). spit on the tefillin of the zionists that wear the "words of god" into war, whilst murdering innocents and stealing their homes.

the most innocent among them have misinterpreted the metephors in the mythology of their own cultures. the tyrants among them have knowingly used the ignorance of the former in subjugating them into cannon fodder for exact opposite that true faith necessitates, just as the warlord will convince his enemy of gods partiality. the true worship of god lies in admiring the underlying truth that gives rise to the multitudes of stars, or the underlying order that controls every breaking wave. not in the reverence of these tyrants among men. they corrupt the name of all they profess.

and so what of their lies can not be cleansed with reason and rationality will be cleansed in fire and blood.

wait, what?

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