Wednesday, August 9, 2006


to be read as an internal monologue from the perspective of an escape artist. an escape artist listening to the knife - like a pen.


the (great) war, the scorched earth, the defeat, the exile (al nakba), the reparation, the return, the reckoning (the wrecking), the realization, the vengeance, the reconciliation, the deliverance, the accession (the escape), the entrenchment (the abandonment), the reflection (the peace of the ignorant), the restitution (the peace of the brave), the disillusionment, the retribution...

i am surrounded on all sides! ive rebuilt and my tower now stands but one phase from surpassing the towers of eras past...

but these foundations are still weak. i am still surrounded. the angry masses are pouring in, baying for my blood.

one sits apart. ive seen them before. a friend? not a friend? then who?

eye on the crowd! finish this tower! FINISH THIS TOWER! surpass the past! SUPRPASS! the plans are ready! BUILD IT!

but these foundations are so weathered. they are too weak! the completion is too dangerous! will it stand (above the others)? or will it collapse (on the heads of the masses, whilst i escape)?

i am uncertain. i am staying in this (sinking?) ship. i am on the top floor of this skyscraper, contemplating how to build the pinnacle while staring across the sea of rubble that surrounds it.

i can see the bombed out skeletons of towers past.

i can see the uncertain foundations. i can see the pinnacle crushing the structure under its weight. i can see a sea of coffins amidst the rubble...

but i can feel victory... i wonder...


this blog is the result of playing an intense game of simtower. go fuck yourself.

nova circle diapora... clay, bashir -> malaysia. paul hiatt -> ireland, europe. andre, bren -> russia, siberia, mongolia, china.

me... cville -> dc -> cville -> ny -> cville -> la (tomorrow) -> cville -> rva -> cville.


-> tower (collapsed/surpassing).

friend or foe? neither or i dont know, but a weakness in the foundations indeed. (hit and retreat) an ally for weeks, now a fading passerby. thank you for friendship in times of blood and war. thank you and goodbye.


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