Monday, March 27, 2006


hey so apparantly theres a squirrel who likes crunk. everytime i play trillville he sits on my window sill right by the speaker and eats nuts or whatever squirrels do. im trying to get him to diversify by mixing it up with sugar in the marmalade, but it doesnt seem to be working... he usually leaves until i play some crunk again.

so israeli elections are tomorrow. my votes for balad, but for practicalities sake im rooting for kadima. anything to keep netenyahu out of power and derail prophecy. i hope i hope i hope the right doesnt get their 61 threshold to block a more peaceful coalition... but if my predictions are right, the peace liking types are fucked.

best party ever i think... if you came, thanks for coming... i desperately want to do that again. was that the biggest party of the year? i measure these things in kegs and 2 kegs and a gin bucket got kicked like halfway through the night, though to be fair one of the two was a pony keg... it was up there... adrian and han pretty much got in a fight, after which clay and han almost got in a fight. (i shouldnt have played crunk shit.) andre bet sam and brendan money to do naughty things. (they failed but it sounds funny.) my room has footprints on the ceiling. (?!) some drunk guy with a prosthetic claw passed out in the alleyway on the side of my house. (we named him the claw.) and yeh... i think thats about the extent of my memory but wow. i need speakers for the next party cuz the dance parties in my room are getting destructive. im all sad cuz my whole week was leading up to that and now i feel aimless and lost... maybe i should just start planning another immediately? hellll yeah.


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