Sunday, October 23, 2005


so yeh... you might be wondering why im not in jail if i got sentenced to some hot days in prison. welllll i appealed it. sorry... no sitcom... well maybe... we shall see how the appeal goes. holyyy shit. so after court and stat test, sai came to see uva and woah. WOAH> ! exclamrjtlmation. spelled horribly wrong. so here are three weirddd things:

1. come back! you took your leave too quickly, and im going to retaliate by taking your... ummm... ipod. ha! (that took me exactly two and a half minutes to think of... and its not funny at all.)

2. i wonder if there is some sort of genetic compatibility thing because our moms are like best friends and i havent felt so much like friends with someone after in like less than 24 hours of total hanging out ever in ever... except maybe in like preschool when all you had to do was draw eachother a picture and share crackers or something. but fuck that, i dont want crackers. and now that i think about it, turns out we did that, too. we hung out in florida when we were like... four. but i definetly wasnt all that into global governance and public policy and stuff back then... or was i? (see profile: preschool clubs.) but the whole genetic thing... my mom is absolutely nothing nothing nothing like me, so that doesnt make any sense.

and 3. number 2 is much much longer than number 1.

(note to self: stop listening to so much death cab.)

the ride home was a splendid rush of like eighty different sentiments. (i totally just replaced the word emotions with sentiments in hopes of sounding like less of a vagina.) i suppose i had kind of put off reflecting on anything for the whole weekend until i was in a position to be peaceful and reflect on apples and oranges for the first time in... hmmm... a long ass time... like 5 or 6 days? something like that... but yeh. so ill enumerate the weird amalgamation of emotions... it was something along the lines of...

"this is weird, im dropping my parents off at the airport and god theyre old and god im old and god life is wierd." (so my parents are in las vegas... what the hell?)

"i saw all my friends. i like them." (finally... i think that was the longest no visitation ever...)

"i miss my not cousin. what a cool cat."

"god this weather is fucking awesome."

"i have a test tomorrow. i had a test thursday. i hate tests."

"the government wants me in jail. i want to lead a revolution. its sealed. we are arch enemies... there is little to no room for reconciliation." (and closer to none than little.)

and finally... "lenin and che. sigh..." <3

all at once while listening to silly music.

so i suppose now im going to the library... and being really distracted... with prices inflating. inflatinggggg.

yeh seriously... how appropriate. heres my ending... so when i got back and felt all weird and weird... james, paul, and john came and cuddled with me in my bed and let me tell them all about it. which was sort of like drinking lemonade when your really hot and thirsty at warped tour... only it wasnt john, paul, or james... because if it were, the lemonade totally wouldve been some kids urine. so luckily it wasnt any of them. wink.

being a complete anarcho-capitalist, i should probably stop naming my cats after communist revolutionaries. orrr nottt. (hey andre... call me when you read this you asshole.)


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