Tuesday, September 13, 2005


ok so i suppose its about time i write something substantial again... its been awhile. first, id like to let all my friends know that i need a colopunture. that being said, here is a summary.

(to be read in monotonous, serious voice...)

wendsday night, cville. played football in a playground. feared government helicopters flying overhead. ate burrito. thursday night, cville. hung out with kids. was impressed. pauls house, but not pauls house, yet still pauls house. took care. friday night, fredericksburg. hung out. visited kids. saw ryan. got injured. saturday, considered driving to see parents. decided not to. bought kegs. had party. had fun. was visited. was impressed. sunday. not hung over because of foresight. andre came. watched tennis. engaged in moment of silence / went poop and tried not to talk to myself this time. (same thing, right?) remembered computer programming. swordfought andre. monday. played tennis. ate outback. baked cookies. shat self. cried. hungered for carrots. wrote this.

now youre updated.

if the carrot is dangled too far for too long, ill probably just be like god damn it im hungry and ill go eat some outback steakhouse. even though its fatty and ill feel like shit for it. and even though i really want a fucking carrot because its healthy and delicious and awesome for my eyesight. and im sick of outback steakhouse. and i should really stop going there. which i would if i could have a carrot. so basically we should find solace in the knowledge that god will always love us, even if humans dont. unless of course i can get enough people to go to outback so that we can get all the appetizers and share them.

i think i talk way too much about outback steakhouse. could it be the australian citizenship? i vote yes. but votes or a plurality thereof says nothing of moral righteousness concerning contentious issues. in fact it seems about as random as a coin, landing on the right or wrong side of the aforementioned in unpredictable patterns.

i want cheesecake. mmm... carrot cake. <3


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